Initial consultation

You will be offered an initial consultation by telephone, to provide you with further information about my services, and to discuss your concerns about your child. This will be free of charge, and you will not be obliged to commit to assessment or therapy at this stage.


Following this, if you decide to proceed, your child will be offered speech and language assessment. This may take more than one session, depending on your areas of concern, and on your child's age and attention span. Once assessment has been completed, you will receive a report which will discuss your child's speech and language development, highlight areas of concern, and inform you of my recommendations. These recommendations may include therapy sessions; however, you will not be committed to these with myself unless you choose to.

Speech and Language Therapy

If speech and language therapy has been recommended as an appropriate course of action for your child, you may decide to continue with my services for these. I tend to offer therapy in 'blocks', usually 6-8 sessions, and provide home programmes to be continued in the break following a block. If you would like your child to be reviewed following a block, this will be carried out, and a decision made as to whether or not your child requires another block, home programme and review, or discharge. At each stage, you will be involved in the decision to continue therapy.


Assessment and therapy sessions will generally be offered in your own home, so that your child can be assessed, observed and treated in familiar and relaxed surroundings. If you wish to discuss the possibility of arranging sessions elsewhere, please contact me by email or telephone.