Initial consultation - Free

Please contact me to arrange a free initial consultation by telephone. You will not be obliged to commit to assessment or therapy at this stage.

Speech and Language Assessment - £95.00

This cost will include taking a detailed case history about your child and his/her development, assessment of speech, language and communication skills and a written report.

Complete speech and language assessment is likely to take 60-90 minutes. This may need to take place over more than one session, depending on your areas of concern, and on your child's age and attention span.

SLT sessions - £65.00 per session

If you wish to pay for a block of speech and language therapy in advance, I will offer a reduced rate of £60 per session.

Review appointments - £65.00

This will involve reassessment of speech, language and/or communication skills, and my recommendations following this.

For more detailed information, please see my terms and conditions

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